Malidah (Slovenia)


“On her debut album, Malidah intrepidly puts her hurting soul in the spotlight and provides adequate instrumentals that sensibly complement her turbulent inner states. The album represents a more than welcome novelty in the sphere of forward-thinking Slovenian r&b, which in recent years experienced a rise in popularity and relevance through artists like FKA Twigs and Kelela.”



Malidah is the moniker of Slovenian artist Kaja Skrbinšek, singer of trip hop duo Liamere, who in 2016 released her debut album “Lonely Souls”. At MENT 2020, she will perform her new audio-visual piece in which explores the relationship between sound, hand gestures and moving images. Using Leap Motion technology, a sensor for the reception and translation of hand gestures, she examines the specific links between visual and sound properties. Malidah’s minimalistic and glitchy performance is realised solely through the gestures of her hands.

Practicing for my new performance Malidah's Moasis. You can catch it today at Ugly Duck in Bermondsey, London.

Objavil/a Malidah dne Petek, 21. september 2018
MALIDAH (Slovenia)
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