Katarzia & Isama_zing (Slovakia)


“One of Slovakia’s most original (and polarizing) artists.”

Viera Ráczová, BEEHYPE


After she had tested all the major festival stages at home and in the Czech Republic, Katarzia joined forces with producer Isama Zing, who also performed at MENT 2019, to do an adaptation of Sophocles’ Antigone for the Slovak National Theatre. The story of a young girl who rebels against authority and follows her moral principles led Katarzia into uncharted musical territory, a world of curved beats and lush analogue sounds, and especially powerful lyrics, which, during her performances, are also displayed in English by VJ DVDJNNS. “Antigona” won the DOSKY Award for best theatre music and was also presented at Sónar, Colours of Ostrava and Pohoda.

Katarzia & Isama_zing (Slovakia)
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