Kamaal Williams (United Kingdom)


“The Return is a sweet snapshot of London 2018—an encapsulation of a newly brewing jazz community, uniting numerous cultural strands that make up the city. When the scene needed him most, Kamaal Williams returned to show the way.”

Dean Van Nguyen, PITCHFORK

Kamaal Williams is the latest project led by prolific South London artist Henry Wu. As the mastermind behind Yussef Kamaal, Wu released a landmark album for British jazz with 2016’s “Black Focus”. This latest collective continues the tradition of fusing jazz with the sound of urban London, resulting in a live show that captures a truly raw energy for which Wu has become known. “The Return” is the debut release on Black Focus Records, a new musical outlet for Wu’s community of friends and collaborators who currently have the world’s attention locked onto the capital.
Despite being seen as one of the key members of the modern resurgence of London jazz, Kamaal labels his music as ‘wu funk’, rejecting the ‘jazz’ label in favour of his own brand of funk, jazz and club music.

Kamaal Williams (United Kingdom)
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