iT / Another Crying Game (Slovenia)


“Irena Tomažin is presently without doubt the most singular sonic oddity of the domestic and wider scene.”

Tadej Stolić, SIGIC


In 2011, using the moniker iT, Irena Z. Tomažin released “Crying Games”, one of her most recognizable works so far. This superb piece of art, composed of a multitude voices, fragmented texts, monologues and loops, is now finally getting a sequel in the form of “Another Crying Game”. As one of the most active Slovenian vocalists, she has released three solo albums and performed everywhere from Tokio to Paris, Beirut to Baltimore, while her list of collaborations calls for a special Wikipedia entry. Among many others, she has worked with Xavier Charles, Lee Paterson, Tomaž Grom, Christof Kurzmann and Liz Allbee. Besides, she has produced nine original vocal-dance performances in which she explores the links between voice, gesture, body, space and sonority.

iT / Another Crying Game (Slovenia)
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