Inturist (Russia)


“This is the power of Inturist: bending and slamming against different eras, genres and even whole continents to create boundless, beautiful music, never mind the space-time continuum.”

Dimitry Teckel, GIGWISE


Those who remember the performance of the Russian quartet ГШ / Glintshake at MENT 2018 will undoubtedly recall the figure their rowdy guitarist and founding member Evgeny Gorbunov. He is returning to MENT with the solo project Inturist. His music heavily relies on intuition, improvisation and the unconscious, making him a never fully tame beast. He draws influences from new wave, jazz, pop and experimental music in the vein of artists like David Byrne, James Chance and the Ex. Absorbing the absurdity of everyday, Evgeny builds his grave new world.

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