II/III (Slovenia)


“II/III smoothly combines elements of the electric harp with field recording, merges ambient and experimental sounds and gradually interweaves its calm intros with minimalist 4/4 rhythms.”

Lovrenc Rogelj, RADIO ŠTUDENT 


Two out of three – a dramatic exploration of dark electroacoustic soundscapes full of digitally generated and reciprocally interwoven patterns of drone tension, melancholy and Dadaism. Floating above them are the innocent sounds of the electric harp, which light the way towards cold ambient horizons. Our guides on this tour are audio-visual artist and harp master Urška Preis aka rouge-ah and Tine Vrabič aka Nitz, a versatile explorer of electronic sounds and programme manager at Ljubljana’s K4. Your souvenir from their upcoming gig at Ljubljana Castle will be the long-awaited EP, which the duo will premiere at MENT 2020.

II/III (Slovenia)
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