Gnoomes (Russia)


“Gnoomes create seriously delirious and transportive sounds.” 

Nick Rice, CLASH 


The Russian outfit Gnoomes creates a potent mix of psychedelic stargaze, kraut techno and kosmische pop. Fuzz-driven guitars shift in engulfing waves, resembling shoegaze giants at their most ferocious, whilst elsewhere layered vocals stack on top of one another, weaving between pristine melody and augmented discordance. The glacial electronics and coldwave tendencies that soaked much of their previous work are absent on their latest full-length “MU!”. The record pulses with an electronic tinge that bubbles more subtly under the surface of immersive guitars. The band describes its sound with the label stargaze. “Stargaze is like a human state, when you’re lying on the grass with your friends, telling funny stories, and watching shooting stars.”

GNOOMES (Russia)
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