FVLCRVM (Slovakia)


“‘Words’ are three and a half minutes of pure musical proficiency. The initial sound combining Jamie xx with Fuck Buttons, the compact lyrics, the super-interesting video and FVLCRVM’s typically “bored” voice make way for the most interesting Slovak release of this year.” 
Filip Olšovský, BEEHYPE


FVLCRVM is oscillating between mainstream & underground, between Pop, UK Bass & Future Beats. It began as a side project by a member of well-established Slovak math-pop band NVMERI. But it got completely out of control after releasing the first EP and remixes, which got him instant recognition on the club scene. His first single Hi! was picked by Spotify as number 1 for their renowned Fresh Finds Playlist; the track went viral and was soon featured on BBC Radio 6. With his follow up ‘Words’, FVLCRVM offers a crisp and eloquent take on pop music.    

FVLCRVM (Slovakia)
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