FUTURSKI (Slovenia)


“For some, a trip which you experience while driving on an empty highway in the middle of the night. Gentle, dreamy drawing of musical landscapes for others. FUTURSKI – a fresh wave of domestic synthpop.”
Klavdija Kopina, RTV MMC

FUTURSKI form a palette of synthetic colours, driven by melancholic vocal melodies, dreamy synths and guitars. Their performance ranges from gentle, almost heartbreaking passages to powerful walls of sound. What most characterizes the music of this electronic quartet are heavily processed vocals, ingeniously manipulated by the male half of the band. Last June, they released the 2nd EP “Emotional Tourist,” bringing the freshness of unburdened synth sounds to the local music scene. As INES talents 2018 they performed at a number of showcase and summer festivals like Liverpool Sound City, Spring Break Festival, Waves Vienna, INmusic Festival and many other

FUTURSKI (Slovenia)
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