Evija Vēbere (Latvia)


“If the butterfly could speak with its wings like we do with our lips, it would sing in Evija’s voice.”

Uldis Rudaks, DIENA.LV


Imagination set to music and finely tuned with an otherworldly dreamworld that only the brave dare visit… we are guided through a universe covered with a magic forest by the fairylike voice of the Latvian sorcerer Evija Vēbere. The mysterious land is illuminated by playful and light synthetic melodies that sometimes swirl into wild and schizophrenic sonic depths. Her eclectic, liberal creative zeal was developed while she was part of the attention-grabbing avant-pop duo Howling Owl. Evija’s debut “Sirdsbūt” earned her the national “Best Alternative Music Album 2019” award.  

Evija Vēbere (Latvia)
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