Dulash Der DJ (Slovenia)


“[…] from italo disco to techno via acid house & electro influences with a pinch of the old & a teaspoon of the new.”



Štefan Cerjak is a DJ, producer and promoter from Ljubljana, known as one of the founding members of the collectives Scienceofuse and Kvalitat. He has co-hosted and played along some of the most important names from the electronic music scene. Štefan is a member of the analogue electronic trio Niplodok, which in 2017 performed on Boiler Room Ljubljana. He is an eclectic producer and DJ with a long list of performances from underground raves to sunny snowboard parties, both home and abroad. His DJ style is best described as a joie de vivre mix of italo disco, techno, acid house and electro.

Dulash Der DJ (Slovenia)
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