Demolition Group (Slovenia)


“The trinity Demolition Group, Laibach and Borghesia, which in the 80s brought the Slovenian underground on the international stage, is currently experiencing some kind of rebirth, rejuvenation and reinvention, each of the bands in its own, completely unique way. Demolition Group is doing this without bravado and self-praise, just straightforward and simple music that takes us – as the title suggests – to a certain there.”



Demolition Group is a living legend that preserves its relevance to this day. Since the 80s, the band has been an indispensable name of the Slovenian alternative music scene. They have released 15 albums, wrote music for theatre and film and even performed in a movie. In 2020, Demolition Group is celebrating its 35th anniversary. Their music is an impressive, powerful and energetic synthesis of electronic and acoustic rhythms, rock and funk guitars, neurotic sax stabs and Goran Šalamon’s archaic vocals. Along with Goran, founding member Matjaž Pegam on mixing duties represents the embodiment of Demoliton Group.

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