Damir Avdić (Slovenia/Bosnia and Herzegovina)


“Damir Avdić, an anti-troubadour with a saw in his hands and ire in his splashing saliva, manages to keep his albums listenable again and again with his inexhaustible supply of political rage.”
Muanis Sinanović, ODZVEN

Damir Avdić is one of the foremost regional music artists of his generation – a singer-songwriter, poet, actor, writer, playwright and thinker. His razor-sharp lyrics, shot straight from the heart, hit you right in the chest. Truth is found in every inch of his vociferous poetic voice. Mercilessly, he discloses all the gloomy aspects of modern day life, uncovers existential misconceptions and reflects on the structural injustices of contemporary capitalism. His disillusioned psycho gaze, raspy voice and threatening guitar riffs always get across his powerful message!

Damir Avdić (Slovenia/Bosnia and Herzegovina)
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