Dakh Daughters (Ukraine)


“And classical instruments appeared — and were sometimes abused — in what was perhaps the most extraordinary show of the evening. Dakh Daughters is born out of Kiev’s theater scene and features seven women who bring equal parts musical and theatrical chops to performances that are witty, subversive and brash.”

Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim, THE NEW YORK TIMES


Seven actresses took musical instruments into their hands to create a life-affirming performance about love, freedom and beauty. Already well-known to the public as members of the Dakh Theatre in Kyiv, the band members ended up on neutral ground in-between musical expression and dramatic art. Armed with a full set of strings, keyboards and percussions, they shake audiences with a roar in the manner of Laibach, but can swiftly shift anger for kindness. This unique group is ideologically related to The Tiger Lillies. They both share the capability of hyperbolizing characters and involving the public in their funny intellectual shows. Their lyrics are based on classical Ukrainian poetry, Nobel-prize winners, their own works and fragments of popular hits from the past. Together with their audience they create rock-operas, asserting their desire to not only find new forms of popular music but also develop the context needed for the understanding of today’s world. Breaking the walls of boring routines around them, Dakh Daughters conjure up an atmosphere of grandiose love.

Dakh Daughters (Ukraine)
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