Čao Portorož (Slovenia)


“Music has won against templates, passion has outplayed intellect, the garage has run over the idea of pleasing pop, and the final result is a true EP symphony for our ears.”

Sandi Sadar Šoba, ROCKLINE


Four years after their debut, the mischievous Ljubljana-based quartet returns to MENT to present its third full-length “POP”, out now on KAPA Records. The band’s wild mix of rock & roll and sweet indie rock has been sprinkled with electronic sounds in the form of a pounding rhythm machine and contagious synth lines. Their veins are still filled with 90s alternative rock, though. Using typical multilingual shout outs, Čao Portorož create moments of euphoria. Through its punk attitude, the quartet reaffirms its old-school “Yugo” temperament. From Portorož down the Balkans and beyond – everybody understands what “čao” means.

Čao Portorož (Slovenia)
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