Buč Kesidi (Serbia)


“An instantly catchy tune […] Funky guitars, a driving bass line and humorous (and relatively deep) lyrics are a combo that has never been mastered this well by any regional artist.”

Mladen Milošević, BALKANROCK


A dance-oriented indie bonfire combining funky guitars with rocking drums and fueled by groovy bass lines, disco samples and addictive lyrics, this is the sound of Luka Racić and Zoran Zarubica, two youngsters from the blooming new Serbian scene. Building on electro-pop forms, their sparkling and charismatic hits are excellent teasers for the upcoming second full length, out in November 2019. Buč Kesidi won the hearts of audiences at all major Serbian festivals, including Exit’s main stage, while their upcoming MENT debut represents their first foray into the Slovenian clubland. 

Buč Kesidi (Serbia)
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