Bolt Ruin (Belgium)


“If you value the achievements of artists such as Ben Frost, Blanck Mass, Tim Hecker, Forest Swords, Witxes or Amnesia Scanner, be sure to remember the name Bolt Ruin.”

Łukasz Komła, NOWAMUZYKA.PL 


On his self-titled LP, released in March on Amenra’s Consouling Sounds, Bolt Ruin brings forth dark electronic music that fuses the energy of hardcore punk with the delicacy of classical music. He pushes quivering amplifiers to their limits with an intense re-amping process. Complex labyrinths of boutique pedals and deteriorated tape-loops unfold. Layers of field-recorded textures, grainy melodies and warped voices collide with fractured rhythms and thunderous basses. Bolt Ruin writes the soundtrack of overgrown industrial wastelands, filling grey areas between harsh sceneries and cinematic beauty.

BOLT RUIN (Belgium)
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