BEAM TEAM / sound-reactive projection mapping


The MENT lobby will again be visually adorned by the BEAM TEAM (5237 – Stella Ivšek and SMECH – Anja Romih). You will get the chance to indulge in their immersive sound-reactive projection mappings on three festival locations (Kino Šiška, Ljubljana Castle, Klub K4).


BEAM TEAM is two multimedia artists that focus on the visualisation of sound, video animation and video editing. In the past few years, they have regularly appeared as VJs at various club events, music and art festivals. As a VJ duo, the two have performed at festivals like Fotopub, Sonica, Grounded, od:vod, DNBK, and last year at MENT for which they won the Slovenian Brumen Award 2019 for design. They also curate V2V (video to video) exhibitions at osmo/za, involving creators from the fields of live visuals, projection mapping and AV installations.

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