ANGER (Austria)


“Emo-Boy meets cool skater girl. They don’t like each other, of course. Eventually they become friends, then a couple. And then a band.”


Under the project name Anger the couple from Brixen in South Tyrol creates dream pop with an Italian flair that always sounds airy, light and free like a summer day by the water. And while “You”, a guitar ode to the most important person in one’s life, pushes melodic boundaries and evokes tears of joy, songs such as “Love”, “Baby”, and “Sie schreit” happen to be relaxed and sweet pop gems, at times driven by funk grooves and infused with alternative rock and indie elements. Anger’s sound is anything but angry; it rather evokes images of someone recording in their bedroom after having just gotten out of bed. Who knows, maybe this is the best time to channel one’s unique and humorous ideas.

ANGER (Austria)
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