All Strings Detached (Slovenia)


“A duo with a rock attitude and decisive step that treads down the path of melancholy and gloom wearing a veil of fluffy gentleness and sensibility. Listening is obligatory, so is playing!”

MATIJA DROBNE, Radio Študent


Often hushed and always spacious, the Slovenian female duo All Strings Detached combines the classic songwriting virtues of Cohen or Faithfull with a dark, sonic minimalism. Their typical line-up of dual vocals, electric bass and electro acoustic guitar was recently expanded into a full band (including a string trio) with which they recorded their new album “Septet.” Produced by Chris Eckman, it was released in January 2020 on Založba ŠKUC. Five years after their MENT debut, All Strings Detached will take our stage again.

All Strings Detached (Slovenia)
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