Alicia Edelweiss (Austria)


“Nothing more original can currently be found in Austria.”
Bernhard Flieher, SN.AT


“When I’m enlightened, everything will be better,” reveals the Anglo-Austrian artist with her second album. Alicia’s music is a peculiar incarnation of folk pop accompanied by the personal, open-hearted and humorous language of imagination. As a busker with a gift for circus performance, her music has a theatrical touch. Alicia herself plays accordion, ukulele and guitar and is supported by Joana Karacsonyi on cello, while on the violin there is Matthias Frey, who in 2016 enthralled the MENT audience with his project Sweet Sweet Moon. The Austrian media describes their concerts as some of the most moving, intimate and interesting performances around, and an enlightening experience in itself. 

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