52 Hertz Whale (Slovakia)


“And 52 Hertz Whale blew everyone else away – it was the most intense, pulsating performance I saw all weekend. They have that euphoric, post-rock side, and are super melodic, but they also have a captivating power and when they unleash the madness, it’s truly spectacular.”  

Derek Robertson, DROWNED IN SOUND        


52 Hertz Whale is a Bratislava-based band named after the world’s loneliest whale. Their music is a crossover of influences such as Preoccupations, Interpol and mewithoutyou; angry, ferocious and melancholic, sometimes impatient but always full of vigor. They have gathered following not only in Slovakia but all around central Europe through their live performances, which promise an almost cathartic experience. They just finished their European tour through Germany, Belgium, Poland and Czech Republic, and their latest single ‘Thin Skin’ is a must hear of what is about to come. 


Supported by INES – Innovation Network of European Showcases INES#TALENT 2020

52 HERTZ WHALE (Slovakia)
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