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Kupole @ MENT

Wednesday – Friday, 5 – 7 Feb @ Kino Šiška courtyard
Thursday, 6 Feb, 15:30, presentation in the Dome


Domes are an original Croatian product made by the company Kupole – bolje od šatora (Domes – better than tents). The products they offer are sought after in various industries – especially in concerts and festivals.

Their roofs have been part of numerous concerts; as main or side stage covers they served not only as an unconventional and aesthetical object but also as a secure cover that withstands harsh weather conditions. Because of its high load-bearing, the roofs allow many possibilities in setting up audio and lighting equipment.

A completely unique product is their dome Bar 5 – the catering facility that adjusts to your needs. It provides maximum serving efficiency and secures prominence in a sequence of regular bars. With just a few sets, you can cover a mid-sized festival.

The Kupole team is searching for representatives! With years of experience, they’ve become a well-established leader in the industry, and they are expanding their business all around the globe. Sounds interesting? Contact them!

Kupole @ MENT
Kupole @ MENT
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