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Slovenian Moments @ Bush 2019


INES Announces Full List of Nominated Artists for its 2020 INES#TALENT Programme.

Over 130 Emerging Artists from 18 Countries Set to Perform at Multiple International Festivals across Europe in 2020.


Following an unprecedented number of international applications from thousands of promising artists over the course of 2019, the Innovation Network of European Showcases (INES) has now announced the 2020 edition of its trailblazing INES#talent Programme. 

In an initiative
co-funded by the European Union and initiated by online booking platform, gigmit, together with 8 European showcase festivals, a total of 133 acts – hand-picked by 19 participating festivals from 18 different European countries – will now have the opportunity to further their international careers by performing at multiple music festivals and industry showcases over the course of 2020.


Having received a record number of applications throughout July and August, each INES#festival has now selected up to fifteen promising and exportable artists from their own country to make up the official INES Talent Pool.

By becoming part of the INES Talent Pool, these musicians will now have the opportunity to perform at multiple ‘showcase festivals’ all over Europe, thereby introducing their music to industry professionals, event organisers and promoters across the continent.

Showcase festivals are national music industry events that provide a platform for artist discovery, business networking and education. They combine live music performances, conference programmes and trade shows. 

For a full list of participating showcase festivals and countries, see below or head to

For more information on all 133 nominated artists, please visit


INES#Talents2020 Official Announcement

After receiving a record number of applications we are delighted to announce that the final 133 acts have been confirmed as INES#talents2020! ?This is an amazing selection of acts which have been hand-picked from nineteen festivals in eighteen different countries!Congratulations to each and every act ? Check the full list of acts here:

Objavil/a INES Showcase Festival Network dne Torek, 03. december 2019

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