Where does MENT Ljubljana take place?


MENT Ljubljana is divided into two parts. The conference programme takes place at Kino Šiška (Trg prekomorskih brigad 3, 1000 Ljubljana) and the neighbouring M Hotel. The evening programme takes place at various locations around Ljubljana, including Kino Šiška, the clubs at Metelkova, the Old Power Station and others. We refresh the evening locations each year.

How do I get around Ljubljana?


There are regular LPP public buses all over the city, and you can also choose from several taxi services. It takes 10 minutes by car or 30 minutes on foot to get from the centre of Ljubljana to Kino Šiška.


Bus: one bus ride costs 1.20 €. Find more info about the payment options HERE.

But don’t worry, a free MENT bus will connect Kino Šiška and Metelkova in the evenings (1
st and 2nd February) – just show your wristband to the driver.


Taxi: a typical ride (from Kino Šiška to Metelkova, about 3.5 km) costs around 4 €.

– starting fee: (normal fare): 1,00 €

– 1 km (normal fare): 0,90 €

Taxi Metro
: 041 240 200

Taxi Laguna: 031 492 299

Taxi Intertours: 031 311 311

How long does MENT Ljubljana last?
MENT Ljubljana lasts 3 days. The fifth edition (2019) of the festival will begin on Wednesday, January 30th, in the afternoon. The festival and conference then continue on Thursday, January 31st, and Friday, February 1st, until early morning.

How do I get to Ljubljana?


Ljubljana is located in Central Slovenia. The nearest airport is Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, half an hour by car from the city centre.


Other nearby airports are Trieste (Italy, 1h30 by car), Zagreb (Croatia, 1h45 by car), Venice and Treviso (Italy, 2h30 by car) and Klagenfurt (Austria, 1h30 by car). Other nearby cities are  Rijeka (Croatia, 2h by car), Graz (Austria, 2h15 by car), Udine (Italy, 2h15 by car), Vienna (Austria, 4h by car), Budapest (Hungary, 4h30 by car), Bratislava (Slovakia, 4h30 by car), Munich (Germany, 4h30 by car) and Belgrade (Serbia, 5h by car).


We recommend using GoOpti for airport transfers.

There are also numerous railway connections: www.slo-zeleznice.si.

Where in Ljubljana should I stay?


If you’re coming for the conference programme, you’ll want to stay close to Kino Šiška (Trg prekomorskih brigad 3) or in the centre of Ljubljana, where the majority of the evening programme takes place.

Which ticket should I buy?


If you’d like to attend both the conference and the festival, buy the PRO ticket. If you’re interested in just the concerts, buy a festival or day ticket.