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Womxn in Music Meet up Dinner: MENT Festival

Womxn in Music Meet up Dinner: MENT Festival

Presented by Music Women* Germany, Night School Berlin & City of Women


To achieve gender equality, inclusiveness and the participation of more women* working and makinh a living in the music business, at every level, every age and regardless of their background we need to get connected and share our stories! At Ment we invite you to a womenx dinner to get to know great people from around Europe to exchange knowledge, contacts, experiences and ideas of what we are doing in our  own cities to improve the situation for for womxn in our area and beyond.


Why are we meeting for dinner instead of a regular get together? Our experience shows that when you sit down and have a longer conversation you’ll make connections that will last longer.


PLEASE OBSERVE:  Everyone is paying for their own dinner. Of course you are also welcome if you just want to join us for drinks.


If you would like to attend, please write an email to:
The space is limited, if you sign up and can’t make it, please let us know so we can pass your space on to someone else.  Once signed up we will let you know the restaurant we’ll be meeting at, it will be close to Kino Siska so we can all easily go party at the opening together afterwards!


City of Women  (Slovenia)
is a pioneering organization focusing on gender equality in Arts and Culture since 1996. Governed by an independent board committed to culture, critical theory, feminist, queer and gender studies, City of Women stands for equality, diversity and solidarity. City of Women has presented and produced more than 1000 local and international artists, theorists and activists. It is the recipient of the Princess Margriet Award 2019 (ECF) and  has received the EFFE Festival Label (EFA) in 2017/2018 and 2019/2020.


Music Women’ Germany
Music Women Germany is the nationwide network and database for all women* in the music industry. We want to create change and bring together, to achieve equality, inclusiveness and opportunities for women* and networks across the music community! If you are female identified and living in Germany join our database for free!


Night School Berlin
NIGHT SCHOOL is an event series based on discourse, live performance and networking. Our mission is to support marginalized female-identfying, trans and non-binary artists and activists in Berlin’s independent music scene. Using an Intersectional feminist perspective, we invite innovators and artists to explore relevant topics – peer to peer, connect musicians to industry experts, offer collaboration opportunities, and elevate visibility with live shows. Our goal is to bring the music community closer towards equality and diversity, therefore establishing a platform that brings continuity and a Do-it-Together ethic in one space where we can strengthen the next generation.

MENT Playlist

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