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Sharpe & Waves Vienna 2021

MENT’s expedition took over Nova Cvernovka on the first weekend of September. Nova Cvernovka is an inspiring example of a fresh cultural and creative center that revived the abandoned premises of the Bratislava School of Chemistry. The idea of Cvernovka was born years ago in another building – hence its name. The building on the edge of the city, which seems closer to the center of Bratislava every year (as evidenced by the construction sites in the area), is home to 132 artistic and creative studios. There are multi-purpose common areas, an outdoor terrace, a club, a community garden, a public park, a children’s playground and a public library. Public spaces host a wide range of cultural activities. The Skrytý Bar, Dvanásť Duší Bistro and Giraffe Bakery Café are all part of Cvernovka as well. The team has leased the building for 25 years, which seems extremely little to their Berlin counterparts, but they are betting on the community.


Entrance and and the views of Nova Cvernovka. foto: Dominika Maša Kozar


Nova Cvernovka is also an indispensable part of the Slovak still young showcase festival Sharpe. Finally they managed to pull off a refreshed “last year’s” edition which had to be moved twice before. The 43 performers reflected the Slovak and Czech scene well. Otherwise the focus of the event is mainly on artists from Central Europe. Slovenian duo Warrego Valles performed on the second – last day of the festival, where they visibly impressed the full club with their short set. The club was the so called Underground Stage, obviously located in the basement. Among the six stages of Sharpe, this one hosts mostly electronic and adventurous club performers.

Warrego Valles in action. foto: Ondrej Irša / Sharpe


MENT was also presented at the conference – Andraž Kajzer was one of the three guests of the round table on the topic of festivals (in the company of representatives of the Slovak festivals Pohoda and FLAAM) and their uniqueness. Jera Topolovec represented MENT at the speed networking. Miran Rusjan presented Moonlee Records in the company of English guests Rough Trade and Domino.

Waves @ WUK. foto: Dominika Maša Kozar


The following weekend we finally returned to the concert halls of WUK, the Vienna Cultural Center, which has become the central venue of the Waves Vienna Festival in recent years. Waves happened for the eleventh time and for the ninth time with Slovenian participation. This time the festival focused on the Danube region. Music scenes of the countries along the Danube were presented at the conference and the artists from the region were present in the concert programme as well.

Slovenian moMENTs reception in the Wombats Hostel. foto: Isorauschen,


Among the eighty acts of the festival, three Slovenian bands performed in front of full masked halls: Freekind. performed at the Pfarrsaal club on Friday and at the Slovenian reception on Saturday. Lelee raised the decibels on Saturday, and Etceteral took care of the striking finale of the festival. Encore included!

Lelee, Etceteral, Freekind., foto 1 & 3: Isorauschen,


Slovenian moMENTs are supported by SKICA, SIGIC, Music Slovenia and Bevog. Thank you!