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Senzorama x MENT

In collaboration with the radio show Senzorama (Radio Študent), ZARŠ Records presents the new compiaton of Slovenian ambient and experimental music “Senzorama vol. 1”.


On the occasion of the first anniversary of the show, Radio Študent announced an open competition for a compilation dedicated to Slovenian musicians and producers from the spheres of ambient, experimental and electroacoustic music. The rapid growth of output on these music scenes in recent years, which are also at the forefront of the radio show itself, suggested a need for further consideration of such musical practices. This is how the idea for the compilation, which will be released in digital format on 28 May on ZARŠ Records, was born. 


The open competition included more than 90 previously unpublished tracks, and this required a careful consideration of the compilation format itself, mostly because these were tracks that deserve significantly more space, even beyond the compilation itself. The final 20-strong tracklist testifies to the exceptional quality and diversity of the current domestic scene. The selection includes many younger and previously unknown artists as well as established music producers with many years of experience.


“Senzorama vol. 1” will premiere live at MENT:
6 June 2021, 15.00 @ Atrium of City Museum of Ljubljana

15:00 – Nitz – Senzorama dj set
17.00 – Rouge-ah
18.00 – 1983
19.00 – Nice Trick

Curated by: Hana-Uma Zagmajster, Slaviša Stevanović (Evano), Tine Vrabič (Nitz)
Design: Blaž Rojs
Mastering: Staš Kramar
Production: ZARŠ & Tine Vrabič


MENT Playlist

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