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Presentation: Baltic Music Markets

(Baltic moMENT)


Thursday, 30.3. - 11:00 @ M Hotel HJ 

Speakers: Agnese Cimuška - Rekke (Music Latvia, LV), Ave Tölpt (Music Estonia, EE), Guna Zučika (Every Little Thing, LV), Vaidas Stackevičius (Lithuanian Music Business Association, M.P.3, LT)


For many, the area and the music market of the three Baltic States is still largely unknown. Nevertheless, it offers great potential for the expansion of your musical activities. Brief presentations of the Estonian, Lithuanian and Latvian music markets will provide a systematic overview of their main characteristics, key festivals, venues and promoters, an insight into the recording industry and the music media landscape. An ideal opportunity to get in touch with the Baltic music scene for the first time!


In co-production with Music Latvia, Music Estonia and the Lithuanian Music Business Association with the support of the Baltic Cultural Fund.


Interview: Igor Vidmar


Thursday, 30.3. - 14:00 @ M Hotel HJ

Moderator: Matjaž Manček (Kino Šiška, SI)

Speaker: Igor Vidmar (ŠKUC Ropot, SI)


The iconic promoter Igor Vidmar has been a central figure in the Slovenian music landscape for the past four decades, from his punk beginnings in the 1980s to the Novi Rock festival and his role as the most important independent concert promoter. Among the many legends he brought to Ljubljana, we find names like Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Nirvana, David Bowie, Rage Against the Machine, Prodigy, Kraftwerk, Bob Dylan, Metallica, Pearl Jam and many others. Let's learn more about this chapter of Slovenian music history and listen to Igor's analysis of the current situation as well as his vision for the future.


Electronic, Experimental, Avantgarde: Meet SONICA and SHAPE+ platform


Thursday, 30.3. - 16:00 @ M Hotel HJ

Moderator: Brigita Gračner (Zavod Sploh, SI)

Speakers: Martin Bricelj Baraga (SONICA, MoTA, SI), Michal Brenner (SHAPE+, CZ)


This year, MENT presents the exclusively curated SONICA & SHAPE+ Stage, dedicated to adventurous electronic music from Eastern Europe. As part of this collaboration, the conference will host a conversation with Martin Bricelj Baraga, the head honcho of the Ljubljana festival of electronic and experimental music and sound art SONICA, and Michal Brenner, the founder and head of the European creative platform for innovative music and audiovisual art SHAPE+.


IMPALA's Outstanding Contribution Award: Tony Duckworth

Thursday, 30.3. - 17:30 @ M Hotel HJ

At MENT Ljubljana, IMPALA will recognise Tony Duckworth's outstanding contribution to the European independent music sector, acknowledging his crucial role and legacy in the independent sector, especially in Central and Eastern Europe. The ceremony will be followed by a reception, providing an opportunity to connect and exchange stories in Tony’s memory.

In co-production with IMPALA.

Music Export in the Former Yugoslavia Region: The Next Steps 


Thursday, 30.3. - 11:30 @ M Hotel AB

Moderator: Monika Klementova (SoundCzech, CZ)

Speakers: Frane Tomašić (We Move Music Croatia, HR), Login Kochishki (Password Production, PIN Music Conference, MK), Primož Kristan (SIGIC, Music Slovenia, SI), Zorica Tepić (Serbia Creates Music, RS)


In recent years, music export offices in various forms have finally appeared in the former Yugoslavia territory. With representatives of these organisations and initiatives, we will examine the circumstances of institutional music export in the former Yugoslavia region. How are they organised? What are their strategies? And what do they have to offer to domestic artists who want to break onto the international circuit? 


Agent's Panel: Going East


Thursday, 30.3. - 13:15 @ M Hotel AB

Moderator: Tanya Korenika (UCE, EE)

Speakers: Jerome Williams (EBB Music, NL), Matwe Kaščak (SPFM, Nová Cvernovka, SK), Sarah Joy (ATC Live, UK)


Tours are getting shorter and shorter and, as a consequence, tours of popular artists are less and less frequent in eastern parts of Europe. Is this trend going to define the coming years? Or can this be an opportunity for artists for whom the Western music markets are oversaturated? With agents of different backgrounds, we will examine the reality of the Central and Eastern European music markets in terms of accessibility of more popular artists and learn what are the prospects of Central and Eastern European artists for collaboration with renowed Western European agencies and the possibilities for a breakthrough in Western markets.


Ready to Tour the Baltics?

(Baltic moMENT)


Thursday, 30.3. - 16:00 @ M Hotel AB

Moderator: Marion Gabbaï (Vedettes, FR)

Speakers: Guna Zučika (Every Little Thing, LV), Roman Demtšenko (Sveta Bar, DamnLoud Agency, EE), Victor Diawara (Loftas, LT) 

Special presentations: 

Lena Sme (MOO, Skaņu Mežs, LV), Mark Dieler (Lona Music, LT), Martynas Butkevičius (8 Days A Week, 8 Festival, LT), Raul Saaremets (Mutant Disco, Sõru Saund, Mägede Hääl, EE)


For many internationally active musicians, the Baltic States may seem remote but considering the oversaturation of Western live markets, they represent a potentially interesting niche market for the expansion of your concert activities. Selected key players from the Baltic live music sector will present the main characteristics, challenges and opportunities of the Baltic market and examples of good practice in reaching Baltic audiences. The essential know-how for all those considering an adventure in the Baltics!


The debate will be followed by short presentations of interesting stories and niche scenes from each country that will complement the previous discussion. You will learn about the revitalisation of the former Lukiskės Prison and the 8 Festival in Vilnius, the so-called "dance revolution" and the growing club scene in Tallinn, the Skaņu Mežs festival and the experimental and avant-garde Baltic scene, and the informal network of Baltic grassroot venues.


In co-production with Music Latvia, Music Estonia and the Lithuanian Music Business Association with the support of the Baltic Cultural Fund.


State of Independence: Hot Topics in the European Independent Music Sector

(Runda Takeover x MENT 2023)


Thursday, 30.3. - 11:00 @ M HOTEL CD

Speaker: Karla Rogožar (IMPALA, BE)


IMPALA, the Independent Music Companies Association, represents over 6000 members in Europe with the mission to grow the independent music sector sustainably, return more value to artists, promote diversity and entrepreneurship, improve political access, inspire change and increase access to finance. Discover how IMPALA has been addressing these topics (through projects like One Step Ahead, We Measure Together, 100 Artists To Watch) and what is in the pipeline for the upcoming period.


In co-production with IMPALA and Runda.

Supported by Merlin.


BELEM, Boosting European Lyrics and their Entrepreneurial Monetization

(Runda Takeover x MENT 2023)


Thursday, 30.3. - 12:00 @ M HOTEL CD

Speakers: Dario Draštata (Dallas Records, Runda, HR), Robert Singerman (LyricFind, BELEM, US)


BELEM is an EU funded initiative through the CREA Programme that aims to build capacity for music publishers, songwriters, platforms and labels to democratise and monetize access to lyrics. The BELEM coalition consists of 15 partners, including Runda, Deezer, Zebralution and LyricFind, and strives to break down cultural barriers by making human-translated lyrics accessible to all. The project will drive new revenue streams to the music industry by promoting European lyrics and their translations and monetisation. Learn more about BELEM and how to be a part of it as a publisher, songwriter or label.


In co-production with Runda and BELEM.


Supported by Merlin.

The Diversifying Digital Market

(Runda Takeover x MENT 2023)


Thursday, 30.3. - 14:00 @ M HOTEL CD

Speaker: Chris Cooke (CMU, UK)


In this speed briefing, CMU's Chris Cooke provides a concise overview of the digital music market in 2023 and beyond. Which services are generating the most revenue today and which services are likely to power the next phase of digital growth? And what can artists, managers, labels and publishers do right now with their deals, data, marketing and strategies to fully capitalise on the diversifying digital market?


In co-production with Runda.

Supported by Merlin.



(Runda Takeover x MENT 2023)


Thursday, 30.3. - 16:00 @ M HOTEL CD

Moderator: Dominika Maša Kozar (Kino Šiška, MENT, SI)

Speakers: Alek Bošković (Believe Music, RS), Lana Čulig (Aquarius Records, HR), Connie Rose (Comes With Fries, UK)


Life without social media platforms seems almost impossible these days. In recent years, with the increasing popularity of online advertising, competition has expanded and visibility has narrowed. How do you make yourself visible in this flood of content? How do you stay interesting without annoying your followers with your posts? We will discuss the visibility of your online identity in connection with content creation, from learning about the characteristics of individual online platforms to the research of communication methods and tools to help you with the creation and organisation of content.


In co-production with Runda.


Supported by Merlin.


TikTok: Friend Or Foe?

(Runda Takeover x MENT 2023)


Thursday, 30.3. - 17:00 @ M HOTEL CD

Moderator: Alek Bošković (Believe Music, RS)

Speakers: Connie Rose (Comes With Fries, UK), Dominika Maša Kozar (Kino Šiška, MENT, SI), Fran Vasilić (musician, HR)


The short video platform TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform and nowadays probably the main new music discovery tool. Consequently, it is having a major impact on the music industry and the way music is discovered and promoted. Let’s see how the artists and labels can use it in the best possible way. What actually works and what does not? How and when does something go viral? And what to do if that actually happens? How to transform viewers into fans?


In co-production with Runda. 


Supported by Merlin.


Listening session 


Thursday, 30.3. - 11:30 @ KINO ŠIŠKA - KOMUNA

Moderator: Neža Dolmovič (Špilej podcast, SI)

Speakers: Jakub Knera (journalist, The Quietus, UK), Maija Moira Mazanova (M/Darbnica, LV), Marija Todorović (Oblakoder, RS), Ramūnas Zilnys (LRT, LT)


Let's listen to songs by selected MENT 2023 artists and a group of music professionals will offer their immediate, direct and honest feedback. We bet you do not often get a chance to hear an honest analysis of individual songs by music professionals. Do not miss this one!


Baltic Listening Session

(Baltic moMENT)


Thursday, 30.3. - 13:30 @ KINO ŠIŠKA - KOMUNA

Moderator: Ingrid Kohtla (Tallinn Music Week, EE)

Speakers: Dragan Ambrožić (Dom omladine, RS), Emma Swann (DIY mag, UK), Jernej Sobočan (Val 202, SI), Zoran Stajčić (Ravno do dna, HR)


This year's Baltic Focus also features a listening session with all 12 acts from Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. Let's listen to their songs and get to know them. To make things more interesting, the songs will be analysed and constructively evaluated on the spot by selected music professionals.


In co-production with Music Latvia, Music Estonia and the Lithuanian Music Business Association with the support of the Baltic Cultural Fund.


Music for Advertising: The Pitch – An Invitation to Bid! 



Thursday, 30.3. - 12:00 @ RAČUNALNIŠKI MUZEJ

Moderators: Eva Gradišnik (SHIFT Agency, SI), Manca Ogrin (SIGIC, SI), Markus Linde (Europe in Synch, thag's agent, DE), Maša Pavoković (Mashupmash, SI), Žiga Drofenik (Džuboks, SI)


This workshop offers a unique opportunity to check on your professional skills and take a look behind the scenes of synch. The Slovenian advertising industry shares real-life music briefs for commercials and invites the professional music sector to submit adequate original music. Independent labels, publishers, rights owners, managers, agents and others will be able to apply via an open call. Participants will be given a real-life music brief and a letter of requirements. Submissions will be reviewed under formal and real-ad-world-life aspects and the selected participants will receive individual feedback from advertising and synch-professionals on this workshop. Know your catalogue, double-check your rights, follow the manual, enter your music proposal and let’s see how the synch pitches are done in real-life situations.

Closed session. Applications are closed.

Round Table on Slovenian Music in Film


Thursday, 30.3. - 16:30 - 18:00 @ RAČUNALNIŠKI MUZEJ

Moderator: Markus Linde (Europe in Synch, thag's agent, DE)

Speakers: Aldo Kumar (Music Composer, SI), Barbara Daljavec (RTV Slovenija), Klemen Dvornik (film director, AGRFT, AIPA, SI), Žiga Drofenik (Džuboks, SI), Dejan Krupič (POP TV, SI)


Professionals from the film and TV sector (production companies, directors, TV stations, the Film Academy and synch-related music people) and synch professionals will discuss the status and common practices with regards to the use of music in TV and film productions in Slovenia, and inquire if there is room for improvement. With this session, the music sector actively reaches out to the TV and film sector with the hope of establishing a constructive and creative synch landscape.


Invitation only.


In co-production with SIGIC and Motovila


The Unpredictable Future of Music Festivals


Friday, 31.3. - 12:45 @ KINO ŠIŠKA - KOMUNA

Moderator: Sara Maria Kordek (Good Taste, PL)

Speakers: Ģirts Majors (Positivus Festival, LV), Helen Sildna (Tallinn Music Week, EE), Michal Kaščak (Pohoda Festival, SK), Nicklas Weis Damkjær (Roskilde Festival, DK)


The festival industry was pushed to the brink of survival by the COVID-19 pandemic but even after ‘normalisation’ most festivals have been facing various challenges, from high production costs and the risk of cancellation of tours and performances to changing audience habits, etc. Representatives of Europe's leading summer festivals will present their experiences and perspectives on the festival circuit in the years to come.


Interview: Christof Ellinghaus (City Slang)


Friday, 31.3. - 14:00 @ KINO ŠIŠKA - KOMUNA

Moderator: Nadja Haderer (Ink Music, AT)

Speaker: Christof Ellinghaus (City Slang, DE)


Christof Ellinghaus is the founder of City Slang, one of Europe's most important independent record labels, which has released albums by bands such as The Flaming Lips, Yo La Tengo, Tortoise, Calexico, Lambchop, Notwist, Caribou, Gold Panda, Los Bitchos, Jose Gonzales and others. He will present the story and evolution of this now iconic label over the last 30 years, the main challenges facing contemporary music labels and his vision for the future.


New Faces in the Regional Music Industry


Friday, 31.3. - 16:00 @ KINO ŠIŠKA - KOMUNA

Moderator: Maša Pavoković (Mashupmash, SI)

Speakers: Nela Peshovska (PIN Music Conference, Taksirat, D Fest, MK), Nik Drozg (Kino Šiška, Channel Zero, SI), Stanislav Drča (European Capital of Culture - Novi Sad 2022, KC Lab, RS), Tena Šarčević (, HR).


Partners MENT, PIN Music Conference, Kontakt and SHIP present the new regional initiative Nove Face (New Faces), which will annually highlight ten of the most promising young music professionals (under 30) from the music scenes of former Yugoslavia. In this debate, we will give the floor to a chosen few from the first generation of new faces. Let's hear out what the younger music professionals have to say and get to know their views on the challenges of the music industry.

Managers in Action: Skyrocketing the Emerging Artist


Friday, 31.3. - 11:00 @ M HOTEL HJ

Moderator: Kristine Kleina (Every Little Thing, LV)

Speakers: Juliana Volož (JV Promotion, EE), Tash Cutts (Hoof Management, UK)


This roundtable of experienced managers will discuss the main challenges of managing new talents in 2023: strategies for new artist development; setting up realistic short-term and long-term plans; building the support team around the emerging artist; wisely investing a small budget; promoting the emerging artists; artist's expectation management, etc. 


Ukrainian Music Resilience During the War


Friday, 31.3. - 13:30 @ M HOTEL HJ

Speaker: Inna Lytovka (Music Export Ukraine, UA)


Work in the music industry became extremely challenging and even dangerous at the time of the full-scale invasion. Nevertheless, Ukrainian creatives have shown a unique level of unity and ingenuity in their activities. We are here to share some mind-blowing examples of Ukrainian creative resilience and introduce you to the best ways you can support the music industry of this brave nation.


Interview: Elena Natale (HALL)


Friday, 31.3. - 15:30 @ M HOTEL HJ

Moderator: Špela Cvetko (Radio Študent, SI)

Speaker: Elena Natale (HALL, EE)


Elena is the founder and owner of HALL, the biggest Estonian underground club, which has not only put Estonia on Europe’s clubbing tourism map but has also helped to develop inclusion and empowerment of marginal social and gender groups within the clubbing scene.

Let's listen to her inspirational story to understand better her mission to show the importance of nightlife in all its variety – as culture, as community and as economy.


Butik: A New Chapter for Slovenian Electronic Festivals


Friday, 31.3. - 16:30 - 17:30 @ M HOTEL HJ

Moderator: Jaša Bužinel (The Quietus, MENT Ljubljana, SI)

Speakers: Andraž Babić (Butik Festival, SI), Gašper Sovdat (Butik Festival, SI), Romina Gerbec (Butik Festival, SI), Saša Vujasinović (Butik Festival, SI)


Since its first edition in 2019, Butik Festival has quickly established itself as Slovenia's most important electronic music festival, attracting a colourful international crowd to the stunning Soča Valley, one of the most beautiful festival locations in Europe. The Butik team will provide an insight into how the festival came to be, what are the main challenges and obstacles they face when organising such a small-scale festival, how do they promote the festival abroad and attract new audiences, why it is important to promote local DJs, how the micro-festival in Zanzibar came about and much more.

Mental Health: We are all in this together

Friday, 31.3. - 13:00 @ M HOTEL AB

Speakers: Rosana Corbacho (M.I. Therapy, ES), Arun Castro (Roadie Medic, UK), Sarah Joy (ATC Live, UK), Tisa Frelih (University psychiatric clinic Ljubljana, SI)

In the last few years, mental health has been a hot topic at international conferences. We have seen growing interest in improving the environment and taking better care of artists. But we often forget about everyone else. What about tour managers, technicians, agents and other high-level positions? They are used to taking care of someone else or big teams, working under pressure and forgetting about their own needs. This table will shed some light over the unspoken main issues and latest research as well as what to do to treat or prevent the consequences of working in such a passionate and challenging environment.

In co-production with IMPALA.

Music for Advertising: The Pitch - An Invitation to Bid! 



Friday, 31.3. - 14:15 @ M HOTEL AB

Speakers: Manca Ogrin (SIGIC, SI), Markus Linde (Europe in Synch, thag's agent, DE), Maša Pavoković (Mashupmash, SI), Žiga Drofenik (Džuboks, SI)

For MENT 2023 we have prepared a simulation of the synch pitch for the Slovenian advertising industry. They will share real-life music briefs for commercials and invite the professional music sector to submit adequate original music via Open Call. Submissions will be reviewed under formal and real-ad-world-life aspects and selected entrants will receive individual feedback from advertising and synch-professionals in a closed workshop session. Finally the results will be presented on this panel. 


Music Production for Singers & Songwriters: Basics, Creative Tools and Tips


Friday, 31.3. - 16:00 @ M HOTEL AB

Speaker: Simon Leander Raschen (Yamaha Music Europe, DE)


Do you have many creative ideas but you do not know how to turn your songs into good sounding demo productions? In this master class, we will cover the basics of a good home studio setup and how to record yourself in a professional way. Following that, we will have a look at different aspects of how you can turn your recordings and ideas into an actual arrangement. Simon will show you how you can create beats that sound good, how to work with virtual instruments and how to create an exciting vocal arrangement. Along the way, he will provide basic mixing tricks and tips like equalising, compression and other processing tools. You do not need any knowledge of music theory or more than basic DAW skills. 


To participate it is advised to register HERE (not obligatory).

Presented by Yamaha Music Europe.


Where Are We Now? Web3 and Decentralised Organising for Creative Communities


Friday, 31.3. - 13:00 @ M HOTEL CD

Speaker: Kaitlyn Davies (Friends With Benefits DAO, PT)


It has been two years since speculation and interest in Web3 tools began to reach a larger audience, with bank-breaking NFT price tags and virtual world metaverses dominating headlines and trend forecaster reports. In the time since, markets have crashed and countless bankruptcies have been reported, illuminating risk and malice abound in the space. Many question if Web3 still has an opportunity to disrupt creative industries and provide new opportunities for artists and creative thinkers, or if these opportunities existed in the first place. Join Kaitlyn for a session exploring the recent past and near future of Web3, with a focus on Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) as alternative infrastructures for creative communities.


Registrations are already open (not obligatory). 


Presented by European Music Business Training.

Being an Independent Artist in Today’s Music Industry

Friday, 31.3. - 14:15 @ M HOTEL CD

Speaker: Ivan Ivanov (TuneCore CIS, EE and Turkey) 


The last 7 years have made streaming the major means of music consumption and, consequently, one of the main sources of revenue for artists. Many acts, however, still feel unconfident and lacking in knowledge when it comes to matters like self-releasing, selecting a distribution partner and preparing for distribution. At MENT, we will speak about how to stay independent and what it takes to be an independent artist; how to pick the music distributor best tailored for your needs and–even more importantly–what aspects to pay attention to before, during and after a release is sent to Apple Music, Spotify and the like.

Presented by Tunecore.


Fostering entrepreneurship among music professionals in Central and South Eastern Europe 


Friday, 31.3. - 16:30  @ M HOTEL CD

Moderator: Georges Perot (MESO Music Events, HEMI, GR)

Speakers: Aleš Svetina (Setlistory, musician, SI), Andrej Kobal (GranuRise, composer, SI), Benjamin Demelemester (Centre national de la musique, FR), Primož Kristan (SIGIC, SI)

In the highly competitive music sector, music professionals of the region want to create and develop new products and services. But while they often provide solutions for the benefit of the global music ecosystem, the access to finance and foreign markets remains a challenge. In this session, speakers will discuss the development of accelerators and incubators, music tech projects, hubs and opportunities for regional music entrepreneurs.

Presented by SIGIC and HEMI.

CEMENT: Slovenian electronic music promoters united


Friday, 31.3. - 12:00 @ RAČUNALNIŠKI MUZEJ

Moderators: Jaša Bužinel (The Quietus, MENT Ljubljana, SI), Jera Topolovec (MENT Ljubljana, SI)

CEMENT is an invitation-only meeting of representatives of the Slovenian electronic music scene who are actively involved in the organisation and promotion of electronic music events in various clubs and venues. The objectives of the meeting are to get to know each other better, share the challenges that all organisers and promoters face, join forces, and jointly detect and look for solutions. Relevant topics include good and bad practices in event organisation, coordination of international bookings, networking with foreign clubs and collectives, media support, new promotional strategies, common promotional channels, etc. 

Closed meeting. Invitation only. 

Imagining More Inclusive and Safer Nightlife Venues


Friday, 31.3. - 14:30 @ M HOTEL E

Moderators: Ula Kranjc Kušlan (Radio Študent, SI), Lana Križaj (Ustanova, SI)


In this debate-based seminar, we want to address the issue of sexual violence, harassment and discrimination in nightlife. These issues are of course omnipresent in everyday life but in nightclubs and other entertainment industry venues they take on even greater proportions due to the specifics of nightlife (increased sexualisation and normalisation). When substances are added to the mix, many boundaries are seemingly blurred. Music is the fulcrum around which most evening and nightlife events take place, and we want to stimulate a debate on harm reduction and the implementation of practices appropriate for the local context, especially among club owners and promoters of club nights, festivals, concerts and raves.


The aim of this seminar is to identify locally specific issues and obstacles that promoters must face, and to provide concrete solutions that would strengthen the community, increasing satisfaction, freedom of expression and safety among event-goers.


Closed session. Registrations are closed.

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