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Unschooling (France)


"Unschooling check off all the right post-punk boxes – twin guitars that twist and turn in angular fashion, anxious rhythms, and anguished vocals – and add a healthy amount of energetic melody to the mix."

Tim Sendra, Rovi

As students of art rockers Women, these homeschooled eggheads have thrown out all textbooks and put on the curriculum a deceptively mathematical brand of rock in which complex guitar lines flirt with lo-fi spontaneity. Consisting of ex-members of MNNQNS and other Rouennaise outfits, the four dunces have built their own open university on the pillars of post-punk. The result is as noisy as it is tender. They would still end up in the dean's office, though, if it were not for a few shards of pop propping up their grades from time to time.


Supported by Liveurope. Liveurope is co-financed by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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