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Slovenian moMENTs @ Waves Vienna 2023

Slovenian Reception September 9th, 16:00 @ Wombat’s Hostel

The Slovenian reception at Waves Vienna traditionally provides an introduction to both Slovenian artists and delegates. You will have the chance to meet some established representatives of the Slovenian music scene with an excellent Bevog beer in your hand, and afterwards grab some tasty snacks. The selected musicians at Waves this year are: the cutting-edge pop/trip-hop artist Astrid-, one the most celebrated Slovenian rock bands of the new generation MRFY and the ambassadors of Slovenian psychedelia Moveknowledgement.

Presented by SKICA, SIGIC, Music Slovenia and MENT Ljubljana.


September 7th, 18:30 @ Metropol

MRFY is one of the most important Slovenian bands of the new generation. A relaxed approach, fun-loving attitude and unique aesthetic are the building blocks of this rock quartet’s uniqueness. The band received a bunch of prestigious awards for their work over the past 5 years: the prestigious Golden Flute Award for Artist, Album and Composition of the Year for their latest release called Use, alongside Best Tour and Best Video of the Year on RTV Slovenia. Last spring, they recorded their first album in English, which they plan on releasing in 2024. They will be performing their upcoming material at Waves for the first time.


September 7th, 20:00 @ Rhiz

One of the most critically acclaimed and stylistically unique domestic rock bands of the past two decades, Moveknowledgement made waves in 2022 with their comeback album Lying Cobra, which marked a radical departure from their previous releases. Inspired by the psychedelic avantgarde of the late 60s, it is characterised by an excitingly multilayered, crystal clear production, subtle manipulations of analogue synths, caressing vocal polyphonies and slowly evolving arrangements that spiral you into hallucinatory states.


September 9th, 20:00 @ Rhiz

Astrid Ana Kljun first appeared on the Slovenian music scene in 2019 when she released her debut single 'Coconut' with the band Astrid in Avantgarden, which was followed by 'Sing to me' and 'Črno pero'. She then changed her name to Astrid- and released a new set of singles, with each song radiating her unique musical nuances. She presented her new single 'Kostarika' in February, announcing the release of the Triptich EP. Since 2020, she has been collaborating with producer and multi-instrumentalist Tomaž Zupančič (MRFY). This November, they are planning to release a debut album. Astrid is coming to Waves with a trio, promising atmospherically lush soundscapes and a powerful interpretation of her original material.

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