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After two online years of the Eurosonic festival and conference, we are heading to Groningen again in January!

freekind. Sreda, 18 JAN, 21:45 @ Forum Rabostudio Petek, 20 JAN, 14:10 @ Platosonic // Coffee Company Be free. Be kind. This is the philosophy of Freekind, a duo whose music carries a strong message of love and hope, complemented by R&B, jazz and soul grooves. This new neo-soul chapter is written by two inspiring Slovenian artists: pianist and vocalist Sara Ester Gredelj and drummer Nina Korosak Sercic.

Pantaloons Sreda, 18 JAN, 00:30 @ Der AA-Theater Četrtek, 19 JAN, 14:10 @ Coffee Company Pantaloons is a community of three ‘clumsy fellows’ from Slovenia. Luka Belič (saxophone), Aljaž Markežič (sousaphone), and David Nik Lipovac (drums) first emerged as part of the Chilli Brass Band in 2016 where they started jamming and experimenting with melodies and rhythms. After releasing a few compositions, they placed their special music style on the map of electronic music with a hint of jazz, funk, breakbeat, dubstep, and more. Debut album ‘Zbounce’ came out in May 2022.

July Jones Četrtek, 19 JAN, 23:00 @ Grand Theatre Main July Jones is a future superstar with a distinctive look and point of view. Her edgy electro pop songs combine razor-sharp hooks with forward-thinking production choices and unfiltered lyrics about relationships, queerness and mental health. Having established herself as in-demand songwriter, the talented Slovenian musician has now unleashed her own project. She just released her debut mixtape ‘Silly Little Dream Pt. 1’, the first part of a conceptual trilogy deals with Jones’ birth and introduces her sound.

Project is supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in The Hague in co-operation with SIGIC and Music Slovenia.


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