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NIVVA (Czech Republic)


"NIVVA stands perhaps as one of the most inimitable and arresting performances of the festival, and the packed room attests to the ingenuity of the act."

Freddie Hudson, Inverted Audio

NIVVA is an audiovisual project led by a digital avatar, which extends our understanding of the physical realm into the unknown of the virtual. The duo behind the simulation reflects on the future of AI, the omnipresence of algorithms in our lives, and how they slowly occupy every aspect of it. The character was born out of the original idea that humans can be much more cruel to a virtual simulation of a human than to an actual human. All is packed in the form of unorthodox straightforward pop, directly from the uncanny valley – warm and familiar, yet with plenty of eerie twists. A visually very engaging act, they draw inspiration from Grimes and Holly Herndon.


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