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“Singer-songwriter Nejc Pipp is the voice of Gen Z, bringing global trends to the local scene.”

Nejc Pipp is a singer, songwriter and producer whose sound revolves around a captivating fusion of R&B, jazz, electronic, and ambient music. With a soulful voice that effortlessly navigates the intricate realms of R&B, Pipp weaves melodic narratives that resonate with emotional depth. His compositions, a delicate dance between jazz harmonies and electronic beats, conjure a singularly mesmerising vibe. In 2024, Pipp is set to make an impactful entry into the live music scene with his debut live performance at MENT. The highly anticipated event brings the premiere of his new album Entropy, out on 9 January 2024, which offers a glimpse into Pipp's artistic prowess and his ability to seamlessly blend genres into a harmonious whole.


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