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“The sound image persistently grows from layers of repeated loops of her chosen instruments and other means of expression – from piano, accordion, voice and field recordings to poetic lyrics and photographs.”

Muzikačaka is a one-woman-looper-project of Slovenian artist Sara Korošec. Using a looper as her main tool, she weaves a captivating tapestry of sound in real time. She layers a variety of elements, including her voice, piano and electronics, to create a landscape reminiscent of the layered hills of her home region Haloze. Her compositions are a blend of avant-pop, poetic storytelling, trance loops and ambient textures, providing a contemplative sonic experience. Many of her lyrics and sounds are inspired by local stories, but her music also tries to find a common language between periphery and urbanity, especially between different times and places.

This performance is supported by UPBEAT.


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