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Miha Gantar trio (Slovenia)


"Although Miha Gantar is a young pianist just starting out his promising professional career, he reveals undoubted artistic talent that makes him stand out among his peers."

Bogdan Benigar, Ljubljana Jazz Festival and Druga Godba

Sourcing ideas from the lineage of the visionaries of 20th-century music, the Miha Gantar trio describes itself as the next step in the development of the jazz trio format. Defined by its adventurous attitude to music-making, the group embraces the progressive ideals rooted in the history of jazz and modernism and seeks to push them forward, allowing new sonic realities to emerge with each performance. With a deeply personal approach to composition and sound, Gantar presents his vision of the trio of the future.

Miha Gantar, piano

William Barrett, double bass

Tristan Renfrow, drums


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