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Luka Prinčič (Slovenia)


"... [A]n experience of pure computer music, drawing on the heritage of IDM and contemporary experimental currents, creating cinematic ambient soundscapes that evoke a sense of loneliness in cyberspace."

Jaša Bužinel, Odzven

The veteran producer, sound designer, media artist and Kamizdat label head honcho has been active on the domestic electronic music scene since the mid 90s, specialising in computer music, electroacoustic and noise experiments, elaborated IDM beats, incidental music and AV performances. A prominent protagonist of the Slovenian electronic community, he has performed at many relevant festivals and venues in Europe and beyond and collaborated with numerous international and local artists. As part of Piano Day, he will present Algoforte, a research project of algorithmic composition using the player piano and digital signal processing. The live performance consists of a piano controlled via MIDI, two microphones, a sound amplification system and a laptop performer displaying the programming interface on a video projection screen. His compositions do not unfold in a prearranged sequence. They are composed live with the help of algorithms. Algoforte is based on childhood memories of the space under the grand piano.


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