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Right before the 10th edition of MENT Ljubljana, we’re back in Groningen for the mighty ESNS. See you at the gigs!  Joker Out 

Wednesday, 17 JAN, 22:50 @ MAAS - Main  Hei’An

Thursday, 18 JAN, 22:50 @ Machinefabriek  freekind.

Thursday, 18 JAN, 23:30 @ Stadsschouwburg Don’t miss our conference manager Miran Rusjan in action at the “Western Balkans: From a Concrete Utopia Towards Concrete Opportunities” ___

 Joker Out 

Wednesday, 17 JAN, 22:50 @ MAAS - Main Joker Out featured on IMPALA’s 100 Artists to Watch in 2023 list, and were a hot discovery at the latest Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool, where they performed an energetic generational anthem 'Carpe Diem'. On top of that the Slovenes attracted a lot of attention with 'New Wave', a collaboration with the iconic Elvis Costello – who’s also involved in their single ‘Indecent Notions’. The charisma, recordings and wittiness of Joker Out can only be topped by their exhilarating live performances.


Thursday, 18 JAN, 22:50 @ Machinefabriek Hei’An is a post-progressive metal band from Slovenia, blending elements from a variety of different genres and subgenres of metal and rock, including progressive metal beats and rhythms, post-metal chord progressions and ambient passages, black metal tremolos and blast beats and metalcore choruses and riffs. They carve their own sonic path, packed with both intimacy and huge-sounding segments, putting the emotional value and impact of their music above all else.


Thursday, 18 JAN, 23:30 @ Stadsschouwburg ‘Be free. Be kind.’ That is the philosophy of the Slovenian duo whose music carries a strong message of love and hope, complemented by R&B and jazz grooves. It’s no coincidence that one of freekind.’s most successful songs is called ‘Visualize’. When listening to the seductive R&B-jazz-pop-soul single, you’ll want to see how Sara Ester Gredelj (vocals, piano) and Nina Korošak-Serčič (drums) bring their music to life in what is jokingly called ‘collective group therapy’. freekind. are among the nominees for the Music Moves Europe Award:

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