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Conference Updates: Learn, Meet, Repeat

CE/MENT with Shawn Reynaldo (First Floor), a listening session with showcase festivals and special focus on regional live music markets

The countdown has begun! We're revealing new speakers, themes and a special listening session. The 10th edition of MENT will provide new insights and plenty of opportunities to make new friends.

Adrien Kremer (Voulez Vous Dancer, FR)

Alek Bošković (Believe, RS)

Andy Jones (Focus Wales, UK)

Barbora Šubrtová (crave, CZ)

Dominika Maša Kozar (Kino Šiška, MENT Ljubljana, SI)

Ivan Lončarević (Pop depresija, RS)

Janko Popović (Rockstrikcija, ME)

Jess Partridge (EMMA, Sounds & Strategy, UK)

Laura Ferrero (Kvaka 22, RS)

Lauren Sohikian (Modern Matters, DE)

Lydia Kirschstein (Trinifold Management, UK)

Maša Pavoković (Mashupmash, SI)

Matwe Kaščák (SPFM, SK)

Nikola Jovanović (Virgin Music Label & Universal Music, RS)

Nikola Nikolov (Post Kultura, Wrong Fest, BG)

Shawn Reynaldo (First Floor, US)

CE/MENT is a new segment of MENT festival focused on electronic music and the club scene. On Friday, 23 February, part of the conference programme will be dedicated exclusively to trends and developments in electronic music culture. One of the highlights is the interview with Shawn Reynaldo, author of the acclaimed First Floor newsletter and one of the most influential writers on contemporary electronic music, who recently published the well-received essay collection First Floor Volume 1: Reflections on Electronic Music Culture. Don’t miss the interview with Lauren Sohikian, lead representative of the boutique PR agency Modern Matters, who runs promotion campaigns for labels including UIQ, Monkeytown Records, and Nyege Nyege as well as festivals such as Berlin Atonal, Terraforma and No Bounds.

MENT has always functioned as an entry point to the Balkan region. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary, we will shed even more light on regional music scenes, with a special focus on the live music sector. The live music sector will also be represented at the conference, including roundtables with influential European festivals and booking agents as well as presentations of individual regional live music markets.

The conference will address ever-changing trends in social media and present strategies for creating effective online content. Besides, professionals will discuss the tectonic shifts taking place in the world of streaming. MENT 2024 also includes the traditional listening session this time featuring selected European showcase festivals (Iceland Airwaves, Focus Wales, MIL and Sharpe).


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