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CE/MENT: Blawan is Coming to MENT #10

MENT #10 is bringing a 4th day on Saturday presenting CE/MENT - the new electronic day of MENT. A premiere dance away at Kino Šiška. CE/MENT will also feature a conference part & performances on Friday, day 3. And so comes none other than Jamie Roberts aka Blawan to spice up CE/MENT with his modular set:


“Most other techno artists simply aren't trying as hard as he is to stand out.”

Since his debut in 2010, Jamie Roberts has established himself as one of the most adventurous and cutting-edge techno artists in the world. His jaw-dropping releases for labels like XL Recordings, Hessle Audio, R&S and his own imprints Ternesc and VOAM are top-notch examples of fierce experimentation with modular synths and techno tropes. He brings the same spirit to the table as a member of Karenn, a project he co-runs with Pariah. His formidable DJ performances and live sets are considered a masterclass in avant-garde techno, and we’re extremely excited to have him back in Ljubljana after more than a decade!


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