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Carson Coma
“Speaking of satire and therapy, the fifteen tracks on the new album, simply titled IV, leave the corduroy jacket and school bus beginnings far behind. The traces of wrestling with adulthood can already be detected on the previous album, but now the so-called Hungarian reality seeps into the songs in a much more ironic way. The tone is a little darker and more serious, which is a welcome nuance and adds subtle new layers of playfulness and cheerfulness.”

Carson Coma is one of the biggest success stories in recent years on the Hungarian guitar music front. They have released four albums during the last four years and sold out Budapest Park twice. There’s no Hungarian festival where the audience doesn't ask for them. Their latest album IV, which was released in summer 2023, had a powerful impact on both their dedicated fanbase and critics. The fascination grew from its newfound post-punk melodies and strong, politically conscious lyrics that distanced the band from the previous indie rock spotlight.


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