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Bad Daughter (Croatia)


"It has been a long time since we have seen a completely fresh and rounded musical project crystallise before our eyes and ears at the first performance. Dunja Ercegović has done it. Bad Daughter was "born" live in front of the eyes and ears of a first surprised and then enthusiastic audience." Ravno do dna (Najbolji koncerti 2022)

You might remember Dunja Ercegović from the very first MENT back in 2015 where she performed as Lovely Quinces. Although the project is still ongoing, a new chapter in her career has emerged under the name Bad Daughter. Her debut album Let Me Panic was released in late 2021 and immediately conquered regional critics and audiences. It was named album of the year by the influential weekly Nacional and the RUNDA association, and the Rock Off Awards named Dunja pop artist of the year. In 2022, she performed her first gig as Bad Daughter and released a live album that again won her two Rock Off Awards.


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