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Astrid- (Slovenia)


"The melody and lyrics catch the ear incredibly quickly, and the raw and direct indie pop production shows the creative drive of everyone involved in the process. A breath of fresh air in the sphere of Slovenian female music creativity." Eva Vene, Radio Terminal

Astrid Ana Kljun first appeared on the Slovenian music scene in 2019 when she released her debut single 'Coconut' with the band Astrid in Avantgarden, which was followed by 'Sing to me' and 'Črno pero'. She then changed her name to Astrid- and released a new set of singles, including 'Stanovanje', 'Tel Aviv', 'Devojke' and 'Hey, Julie'. She presented her new single 'Kostarika' in February, announcing the release of the Triptich EP and taking on the role of music video directress for the second time. Since 2020, she has been collaborating with producer and multi-instrumentalist Tomaž Zupančič (MRFY). They are bringing their debut performance as a quartet to MENT, promising an atmospheric, rich soundscape and exciting interpretation of their original material.


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