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30 New Surprises for MENT #10 Brace yourselves for a genre-bending bliss! We have a wide selection of artists from all over Europe for you, the first ever Hali Gali night outside Serbia and new additions to CE/MENT – the new electronic and electrifying part of MENT.

Make your day with our MENT 2024 playlist.


Ana Lua Caiano (PT), Baby's Berserk (NL), Daniela Pes (IT), Hex Girlfriend (UK),

Irnini Mons (FR), Kara Delik (DE), LIM SMRAD IN ŽILA (SI), Kavasutra (SI), Muzikačaka (SI), New Fossils (HU), oh alien (AT), Oholo! (SI),

Oliver Torr & Axonbody present AXONTORR (CZ), Porcelain id (BE), Shallov (SK),

The Wire Soundsystem (UK)

Hali Gali

Andria (RS), Cactus Fields (RS), KOIKOI (RS), NADYA (RS),

Stevie Whisper (RS), Ubili su batlera (RS) / Vizelj (RS)


Akaj (SI), Babilonska (HR), Eliaz (SI), jadzia (IS), Lottie (SI), msn gf (SI), Shekuza (SI)

More soon.


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