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Young Researchers VI.
— Luka Matić — Prenoma (Slovenia)

A guided series of residences, concerts and performances, the project Young Researchers seeks to integrate a selected young artist into professional infrastructural and research environments. One of this year’s artists-in-residence is percussionist Luka Matić, who will premiere his new project Prenoma at MENT 2023.

The central theme of the project is to understand the conditions that form the basis for musical unity. As part of the Young Researchers VI. programme, Luka Matić and a selected ensemble will embark on a practical musical interrogation of the concept of unity, with the aim of developing the theoretical knowledge necessary for the control over how a group functions as one. 



Luka Matić - percussion, composition 

Nejc Klun - double bass 

Ivana Tripković - piano 

Mark Žakelj - guitars 

Rok Furlan - trumpet 

Lana Asja Hegedüš - voice



Artist in residence: 


Luka Matić (1998) is a percussionist and composer. After graduating from the Ljubljana Conservatory of Music and Ballet, he began his studies in Graz (Kunstuniversität Graz) and continued them in Berlin (Jazz Institute Berlin) where he graduated in 2021. Currently based in Amsterdam, he continues his studies in the field of percussion and composition as a composer and leader of his own ensembles. His mentors include Dré A. Hočevar, Aleš Rendla and Howard T. Curtis III.

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