ŽENA (Slovenia)

“I got the name ŽENA (wife) after I played the role of the wife of a mob boss in a high school sketch.”
ŽENA, Novice Svet24

The Slovenian hip-hop community is still very much a boy’s club. Nevertheless, one of the most visible protagonists of the younger generation of rappers is the talented rhyme kicker Neža Mihelič. Since her 2019 debut, she’s become known for her dextrous flow and inventive wordplay. Using the modern Ljubljana slang, ŽENA touches upon themes of everyday life like hangovers, weed problems, club life and other generational issues. With her collaborator Janči, she’s released three successful singles that were followed by various other collabs. Inspired by the old school tradition of strong lyricists, ŽENA creates pure contemporary hip hop for the millenial and zoomer ear. For fans of Little Simz!  


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