Z++ (Croatia)

“Z++ is defining a new wave of trap that is melodic and fresh. If there’s a reward for this, he absolutely deserves it. This is not some false modesty. That is real. Everyone knows that.”
VOJKO V, YouTube

As one of the forerunners of the new wave of regional trap/pop artists, the popular Croatian hit maker cemented his position back in 2019 with his debu full length “18 ++”. A year later, he released the follow up “Zauvijek” with which he further expanded his fan base. Tracks like Ulice, Ljeto Već Je Gotovo and Tajna became instant classics to be played at future music festivals and club nights. The Osijek-based singer’s found a sweet spot between hip hop sincerity, pop sensibility, disco nostalgia and pompous club erotica. Quality trap pop with a distinct regional character and mainstream appeal! 


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