“His raw and sincere expressiveness will play on the heartstrings of those who swear by innovation, audacity and quality.”
Jaša Bužinel, Odzven

The then still beardless producer presented his first beats on the album “Bratstvo in estradstvo” (2017) from the acclaimed wordsmith Mito, immediately gaining wunderkind status on the local (t)rap scene. Soon, the two formed the alternative hip-hop duo OYGN and released a daring debut of murky rhymes and skunky beats. Inspired by LA’s beat scene, post-Yung Lean trap and musicians from his hometown Maribor, YNGFirefly’s become one of the most versatile and prolific young producers. Singles, mixtapes, various collabs, two OYGN albums, the instrumental LP “Anoy” and singles from his trap pop band .travnik on which he also sings… in just three years! A talent with great creative potential. 


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