TSUJIGIRI (Slovenia)

“…a polished futuristic sound image bordering on James Blake’s emotional songwriting and the esthetics of Scandinavian art trap in the spirit of Yung Lean…”
Jaša Bužinel, ODZVEN

Tsujigiri is an artistic R&B solo project by Gregor Kocijančič, frontman of the post-pop duo YGT. He’s affiliated with the cyber collective Trash Gang, record label rx:tx, producer Shao and the rap group Matter. In the fall of 2020, Tsujigiri released an album called Testament ljubezni in collaboration with the aforementioned trio, but they also decided to promote the group’s name from Matter to Better. What emerged from this collab developed into a very specific and interesting direction for Tsujigiri’s first stand-alone venture. For his debut live act on MENT you can expect a “barefoot” combination of futuristic and cybernetic sound explorations with a major infusion of heartbroken pop. 


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