TROKUT (Slovenia, Croatia)

“With the debut album Shapeless, the Croatian-Slovenian electronic jazz quartet has confidently burst onto the regional scene.”
Jaša Bužinel, Odzven

In the Balkans, it’s not that atypical to have binational bands. While the Slovenian saxophonist Jaka Arh lives in Ljubljana, guitarist Filip Pavić, bassist Hrvoje Kralj and drummer Jerko Jurin all come from Zagreb. As it’s become standard with modern jazz bands, they all take care of electronic textures with various synths and effects as well. Their hybrid sound, encapsulated in the debut’s title “Shapeless”, is a prime example of modern electronic jazzconservative enough to preserve the essence of jazz and sufficiently explorative to upgrade its sonic palette with synthetic frequencies, giving the music a contemporary touch. For fans of GoGo Penguin, Portico Quartet and the likes.


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